"I worked in the fashion industry for a very long time and finally made the switch to merchandising and category management for a large retailer and my fiancé is a teacher. I’ve been an avid yogi for 14 years, getting my certification in 2011 and been a runner for 10 years - also dabbled in CrossFit for 3 years, competing and getting my trainers certificate. I love a good dinner and drinks in the city or a new place we’ve discovered in Caledon - trust me, there are lots!! We moved out to Caledon in early 2017 and it was only a matter of time before we got Mayonnaise (@meetmayo) in April of 2018 - he was only 9 weeks old!!! I can’t wait for him to get a bit older so we can take him on the amazing trails through the Forks of the Credit and Belfountain. With wedding planning and busy work schedules, I love looking at his little face and knowing that he’s ours!! I just smile knowing how much joy he has brought into our life and the lives of everyone he has met - due to his farts, piggy snorts and wobbly little walk! Ps. His name is Mayonnaise because it’s my favourite condiment."

MAYO & LAUREN-gem'S favourites