Halloween is fast approaching! The only thing better than dressing up, is dressing up with your pup! Check out our most adorable #couplescostume ideas that will crush any contest and possibly break the internet.

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Pay homage to our favourite 80s heartthrob, Tom Cruise with this Top Gun inspired costume duo. You and your pup could be rocking the Danger Zone in chic matching bombers! You’ll look incredible in the PE NATION RECORD RUN JACKET while your bff rocks the BARKER PILOT JUMPER . Just throw on a white tee, slap on some aviators, tie a bandana around your pup and you two are ready to soar!

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Farmer and Farm Dog

Everyone knows there’s no finer pair than a hardworking farmer and his loveable farm dog! This easy costume can be pulled off by anyone and anypup! Grunge it up in double denim with the GRLFRND CARA CROPPED TRUCKER JACKET (might we add that it’s on sale!?). Your furry friend will look ADORABLE in the DENIM OVERALLS by CHARLIE'S BACKYARD. Together, you two will be the talk of the county fair! Pair with a plaid shirt, bandana and a straw hat and hit the fields!

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Are you and your dog both sneaky, mischievous and sly? Team up in this covert costume and go stir up some trouble this Halloween night! Sneak around town in the SKODIA HANK HOODIE while your sidekick watches your back in the LOVE THY BEAST STRIPED HOODIE. Just add black masks and pair with matching sweatpants and the two of you will (literally) steal the show!

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Cookie Monster and Elmo

Name a more iconic duo than Elmo and the Cookie Monster. We’ll wait… Seriously though, we can’t think of a cuter combo costume than this classic Sesame Street friendship. You can comfortably eat all the cookies at the party in the ALALA STANCE HOODIE and matching ALALA STRIPE WIDE LEG PANT. Your sidekick will look out of this world in the POLKA DOT ANORAK RAINCOAT by WARE OF THE DOG. Pair with a platter of chocolate chip cookies (it’s Halloween #YOLO), a pom-pom Elmo nose and blue gloves for extra Sesame Street-style.

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Army Dogs

Attention! You and your pup will look incredible in this classic Halloween costume. Even in camouflage, neither of you will fade into the background. You’ll look comfy-cool in the ARMY SKODIA HANK HOODIE and the ARMY SKODIA HARVEY PANTS. And your second-in-command will look absolutely dashing in the CHARLIE'S BACKYARD CAMO HARNESS JACKET. Be sure to pair with combat boots, a military hat and of course, matching dog tags!

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It (2017)

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to bring scary and style into one perfect costume. Very few scary films have had the same kind of lasting effect as “It”. Get freaky without getting frozen in the SILVER SAM. FREESTYLE BOMBER. Don’t forget the iconic yellow raincoat for your pup - we recommend the CHARLIE'S BACKYARD TURTLE PADDING and a red balloon of course! Top off your look with a clown nose and you’ll have the creepiest couple’s costume of the night!