Meet Sophie.

Age: 1 year, 4 months

Breed: Pomeranian

Hometown: Caledon, Ontario

Welcome to Canada, Sophie! Originally, Sophie hails from Korea but has been settling nicely into the Canadian dream. Living out in spacious Caledon, Sophie has been getting to know the Canadian landscape and enjoying every minute of it. Her favourite place to roam is along the Trans Canada Trail that runs through Caledon. She loves the flat land and getting out with her humans for the day. We feel ya, girl. Who doesn’t love a good walk?


Staring contest, anyone?

The one thing that really gets Sophie going is a good old staring contest. If you stare at her long enough, she’ll begin to wind up - like a cartoon - and come running at you.


Favourite Goodboy Swag

Sophie looks great in just about anything, obviously. But if she had to choose a favourite, you’d probably find her rocking the Barker Denim Jacket.