Meet Roscoe.

Age: 2 years old

Breed: Pekingese/Border Collie Mix

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Introducing Roscoe! This guy sure knows how to pose for the camera. He rocks the attitude with confidence, like he’s almost too cool for school. But at heart, this guy is a total sweetie. He’s affectionate and loyal. While his curious nature has him falling into water fountains and rolling with the big dogs. We can’t get enough.


Best Dressed

Roscoe pretty much looks good in anything. And can work it with such ease and effortlessness. If only it were this easy for all of us. His favourite outfit these days? The Hype Camo Hoodie Harness, for sure.


No treats for Roscoe

Like no other dog we’ve ever met, Roscoe is the first to shrug off a treat. This guy cannot be bribed. The only thing that gets him going? His Mama. He’ll go wherever she goes, do whatever she does. And yes, that goes for her gloves too!