Meet Noodle.

Age: 6 months

Breed: Mini Shiba Inu

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Introducing, Noodle! This is one diva-tastic pup. He is full of personality and charm. In fact, Noodle won the ‘Diva’ award at his puppy class. And boy does he ever live up to this award. Noodle will only drink his water if its luke-warm, prefers his treats held up for him while he eats, and has a Hudson’s Bay blanket to call his own. You only live once and boy does Noodle know it. Live it up little guy, live it up.


Feeling Cheesy

If it were up to Noodle, he’d be eating cheese every day for the rest of his life (same, to be honest.) But really, he’ll do pretty much anything for any kind of food. He’ll even give up his diva ways. Let that be a testament to his love for food.


Favourite Goodboy Swag

That’s a no-brainer for Noodle. His go-to is the N:Philanthropy Bone Hoodie with Stars. He feels like a total boss in it! And we don’t blame him.