Meet Maya.

Breed: German Shepherd Mix

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Meet Maya! The sweet hearted German Shepherd Mix. She’s calm and loving and best of all, loves chasing balls. She’ll take any chance she gets to run free through an open field, and if you throw her a ball to chase, even better. In fact, she loves balls so much, she’d choose the ball over a treat. Not many can say that about their dog, are we right?


Sweet Maya

While Maya may be a big dog, she acts like a big puppy most of the time. She’s often afraid of heights and can even get a little scared of small puppies at time. Talk about sweet.


Favourite Goodboy Swag

Maya rocks the Goodboy Grey Hoodie with ease. And as you can see, pink looks great on her. Cue our Goodboy Goodgirl Pink Collar. But her absolutely favourite Goodboy swag would have to be the Goodboy Pink Ball. #Ballislife, afterall.