Meet Lily.

Age: 5 years old

Breed: Lemon Beagle

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Meet Lily! The hilarious, fun-loving, Lemon Beagle. She loves anywhere off-leash where she can roam free and get into trouble. The way to win her back when she gets up to no good? Food. Especially her favourite - yogourt covered dog cookies. Or pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza? One time, Lily was given a hash brown. She placed it on the floor in front of her to admire lovingly before consuming, but within seconds the hash brown was scooped up by the vacuum cleaning floor robot. Poor Lily never got to enjoy it. But boy did she learn her lesson! When the opportunity for food arises, get it while it lasts, Lily.


Best Friends Forever

Yes, Lily loves food. But perhaps what she loves most is her best friend, Molly. They used to live next door together. And when they couldn’t be out walking and playing together, they would stare longingly at each other through the window. Conveniently, they had windows opposite each other to gaze into each other’s eyes. That’s love.


Favourite Goodboy Swag

Lily’s white and brown colouring is easy to compliment. Her favourite’s from our shop include the Kimmy Rose Turtleneck. But what really makes her stand out is the Polka Dot Anorak Raincoat. She also loves it because it helps keep her dry, so she can keep on playing no matter what the conditions.