Meet Shaq & Frankie.

Age: 14 years & 6 months, respectively.

Breed: Cockapoo

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Meet Frankie and Shaq! The cutest brother duo. Shaq is older, and with black hair. Frankie is just a pup, with dirty blonde colouring. They love each other to death and share the same calm, sweet personalities. Seems some things are just passed down naturally. These two love walks, liver bites, and meeting new friends. Ah, the simple life.


Frankie the Baby

Frankie is almost a whole 14 years junior to Shaq, and definitely exhibits younger sibling tendencies. He absolutely loves attention. And lucky for him, his older brother just lets him have it, all the while looking out for him.


Favourite Goodboy Swag

These two love it all! And their opposite colouring, makes them a great candidate for matching sets. They especially love matching in the Pethaus Raw Denim Vest, as well as the Dog Threads Campus Cardigan.