Meet Daphne + Moe.

Age: 11 & 9 years old.

Breed: Chihuahua

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Introducing Daphne and Milo, also known as Bug and Moe! The adorable brother-sister Chihuahua duo. Daphne, the short-haired older sister, is the spoiled, sassy queen bee. Moe on the other hand, is easy-going, curious, and loyal. These two could take on the world with their style and charisma.


Let’s go for a walk

A walk for Daphne likely means you’ll be carrying her around, like the diva she is. Unless the temperature reaches above 10 degrees of course. Moe - he’ll go anywhere his sister goes. Easy-peasy.


Favourite Goodboy Swag

These two love to look fresh. You’ll most likely find Daphne rocking the Red Barker Baseball Stadium Jumper or the Lucy & Co. Sorry Hoodie. Meanwhile Moe loves to rock out in the Pethaus Raw Denim Vest.