Meet Blue.

Age: 6 years old

Breed: Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler Cattle Mix

Hometown: Richmond Hill, Ontario

Meet Blue! The most chilled out dog in the world. Don’t know about you but we’ve definitely never met a dog who needs to be woken up in the morning for breakfast. This guy sleeps in the bed, head on the pillow, and grunts when the alarm goes off. We can relate, Blue. But once he does get going, he loves to look his best. You can most often find him dressed up and wearing his signature item - his blue bowtie.


Margaritaville forever.

One night, Mom went out to the Jimmy Buffett concert. Right before she left, she dressed Blue up in some Margaritaville clothes, took photos for the ‘gram, and tagged Buffett. During the show, he went on to give a shout out to Blue who had to stay home that night and now Margaritaville follows Blue online!


Favourite Goodboy Swag

Blue is a Goodboy, through and through. So naturally, his favourite things to rock are his Goodboy Collar and Leash when he takes to the streets. At home, he loves to curl up on the couch with his Mom in her Grey Goodboy Hoodie. If he’s lucky, she lets him wear it.