Sir Chad-12.png

Meet Sir Chad.

Age: 1 year

Breed: French Bulldog

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Say hello to your new best friend. Sir Chad is as cuddly and sweet as can be. Hang with him once, and he may never leave your side. He loves his people. So much so that he has been known to try to dig a hole beside you just to get that little bit closer. Funny story about Sir Chad - when his Dad went to go pick him up, he was originally planning on bringing home a female. Sir Chad wouldn’t take no for an answer, won him over, and a few hours later they walked out together. He’s that good!

Sir Chad-4.png

Don’t Mess

Not only will Sir Chad become your best friend, he takes his job as guard dog very seriously. He’s even been found barking at the Christmas tree, thinking its a threat which he must protect against. You tell that tree, Sir Chad.

Sir Chad-11.png

Favourite Goodboy Swag

This stylish little guy loves to dress up. One of his current favourites is the Charlie’s Backyard Corduroy Overalls. You might also find him rocking the Barker Baseball Stadium Jumper.

Candace Thompson