Meet Rosie + Kuma.

Age: Rosie - 2 years. Kuma - 1.5 years.

Breed: Shiba Inu

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Not only do these two know how to work it in front of the camera, they provide endless entertainment for all those lucky enough to know them. Watching Rosie learn how to get on the couch kept her parents cackling for months. She couldn’t figure out the simplicity of getting a running start, and instead would try a slow climb, dragging her body and falling off every single time! Meanwhile, Kuma gets so excited sometimes he forgets about his surroundings and runs into the walls! These two are just a ball of laughs.

DSC_3122 copy.png

Seeing Double

While these two cuties may look a lot alike, they couldn’t be more different. Rosie is as cool as a cat - calm and gentle. She does have a sweet side, it just takes her a minute to warm up. Kuma, on the other hand, is a bundle of energy and full of love straight from the get-go. He’s always ready for a snuggle, attention, and dishing out some kisses.


Favourite Goodboy Swag

These two look pretty great in just about anything you put on them. Rosie’s personal favourites are the Love Thy Beast Stripped Hoodie paired with the Fresh Paws Monogram Hype Cooling Bandana. Meanwhile, you can find Kuma rocking the Barker Stadium Jumper or Pethaus Raw Denim Vest.

Candace Thompson