Founded in 2018, GOODBOY caters to those who have an active and stylish life, dogs included. GOODBOY is your go-to e-shop for playfully curated women’s lifestyle and dog goods, so you and your best friend look amazing, no matter where the day’s walk takes you.

GOODBOY founder, Hailey York, knows two things: fashion and dogs. Growing up, she was exposed to the fashion world through her grandparents’ beloved Montreal boutique Ingrid—named after her great grandmother—and her mother’s eventual foray into the industry. The only thing that tops York’s fashion fetish is her love of dogs. Her two pups, Rems & Penelope, are the stars of their own personality-filled Instagram account, @remsandfriends, which has developed a cult following and allowed York to connect with like-minded, fashion-forward dog-lovers all over the world.

After completing her MBA at the Schulich School of Business, York’s entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to combine these two passions with her dream of opening a boutique, just like her grandparents—and so her new baby, GOODBOY, was born.



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Candace Thompson

Hometown: Toronto

Instagram: @candacebridgett

First MSN screen name: super69girl

As a teenager, I worshipped: Hilary Duff

Dream vacation: A tent in North Ontario

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Favourite dog breed: Lab-Shepherd-Newfie cross… yes they exist and they are the dreamiest.

natalie-pink background.png

Natalie Wainewright PHOTOGRAPHY LEAD

Hometown: Oakville

Instagram: @nwainewright

When I was 13, I was wearing: Too much camo

Dream vacation: Galapagos Islands

Favourite book: The Giver

Favourite GOODBOY brands: Velvet, Deer Dana, Charlie’s Backyard

Favourite dog breed: Cairn Terrier


Lucie Mink

Hometown: Vancouver

Instagram: @luciemink

Astrological sign: Taurus

When I was 13, I was wearing: Paul Frank t-shirts. Everyday.

Favourite place for coffee: Tokyo Smoke Queen West

As a teenager, I worshipped: Avril Lavigne

My vice, my virtue: Coffee, also coffee

trisha pic.jpg

Trisha Reyes

Hometown: Vaughan, Ontario

Instagram: @trishareys

As a teenager, I worshipped: Zac Efron (still do! lol)

Dream Vacation: Lake Como

Favourite book: The Great Gatsby

Favourite GOODBOY brands: GRLFRND Denim, Live the Process, Beyond Yoga, ALALA

Favourite dog breed: Golden Doodles, Golden Retrievers, Labs...I mean, I can't choose just one!



contributor-girl with hand out.png

Rachel Plant


Hometown: Toronto

Instagram: @rachelplant

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

When I was 13, I was wearing: Gaucho pants

Favourite place for people watching: Airports

Favourite dog breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

michaela mantini.png

Michaela Mantini

Hometown: Toronto

Instagram: 12th_design

Astrological sign: Aquarius

Sunday uniform: Athleisure all weekend long

When I was 13, I was wearing: A lot of Juicy Couture

Dream Vacation: Bali

Favourite Book: The Secret History, Donna Tartt

Favourite GOODBOY brands: Zoe Karssen, PE NATION, LilyBod

Favourite Dog breed: Chocolate Lab

contributor-guy with glasses.png

Matthew Biehl


Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Instagram: @matthewbiehl24

Astrological sign: Capricorn

Sunday uniform: A cozy Breton striped sweater and a broken in pair of jeans or chinos

Dream Vacation: Spending a month exploring Japan

Favourite Book: A tie between Bridget Jones's Diary and Call Me By Your Name